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August 08 2017

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ive had enough of this dude


the “I’ve never seen this show, but can tell you the entire plot because I keep up with the gifs on tumblr” squad

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why my dumbass turn down the music when i pull up to an atm

gotta hear the money

August 07 2017



sansa: i majored in political science but my siblings joined two different cults in college and now things are weird at home

Keeping up with the Starks



The worst part about parallel parking is the witnesses

no witnesses if youre bad enough at parallel parking


a question i get a lot nowadays: “doesn’t that make you pan for dating someone who is transgender”

to suggest you need a whole new sexuality to be attracted to trans people is …what’s that word again idk OH gross

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Late nights can be frustrating..when you’re not able to find them.

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Доставка хлеба

August 06 2017

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‘What are you talking about?’

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Nice work Lady Blue! 

I loved their interactions this new season! I hope we get to see more of their friendly, sibling-like relationship next season.

Operation Kuron


Alright, so this guy-


-isn’t Shiro.

For one thing, there’s just too many shady things about his escape from the Galra ship. It was too easy, and the Galra scientist seemed to treat him escapting as a part of his evil plan. And, like, why was he there in the first place? I really, sincerely don’t think that Black would have teleported him straight into the hands of the Galra– despite Keith’s theory, Shiro had freed Black by the end of the fight, so Zarkon wouldn’t have been able to force Black to send Shiro into captivity again. And, wouldn’t Lotor have had access to the information that the Galra had the Black Paladin in captivity? He spends the whole season guessing at why Voltron is sucking so hard, and if the Galra really had Shiro, he would have known why immediately.

Plus, this weirdo’s hair was too long at the beginning of his episode– much too long give the amount of time that passed between the fight with Zarkon and his waking up on the ship (which was likely like. two weeks at most). The timeline doesn’t match up. And there’s just something… off about his behavior. He looks like Shiro and talks like Shiro, but he doesn’t feel like Shiro.

So, Real Shiro’s probably off somewhere else (my money’s on somewhere close to the resistance / Matt). But, then, who the hell is this guy?

A few smart people have managed to work out that “kuron” translates to “clone” in japanese. So, what this is getting at is that it’s very likely that the Galra had a plan to make Shiro clones. Which definitely explains:


Was the plan to make an army? Was it to make a team of elite Shiro fighters (maybe… a bunch of Shiros to fly the Voltron lions……?)? I have no idea lmao. But what I’m thinking is that whatever the original plan was, it fell through, because Ulaz managed to get Real Shiro out before the cloning technique could be perfected. So, the Galra were left with a bunch of clones that were either too weak to survive or just wouldn’t wake up or were otherwise “unusable.” 

But then, one of them, on some remote outpost, passes their tests.

So, they change the objective of the project (either to ‘infiltrate Voltron’ or something else equally as evil) and get to work on this clone. And then, they release him out into the world– that escape? It was a test to see if he thought and fought like the real Shiro. They wanted to make sure their experiment was successful.

The main question is: how does Clone Shiro have all of Real Shiro’s recent memories, including the very recent fight against Zarkon?



Okay so I don’t know about you guys but I made so much fun of Shiro’s hair in the first season. Why did the Galra maintain this undercut lmao? Do their prisoners have to be pretty? Was Haggar like “I can’t look at this dude every day unless his hair is properly maintained”? But… uh……

You shave people’s heads when you’re going to do brain surgery on them.

What caught Haggar’s attention when it came to Shiro wasn’t just his fighting prowess– it was his mind. His ability to strategize and bring others together and inspire loyalty. The clones have to have Shiro’s memories, his experience, to be effective.


So, Real Shiro’s brain transplant has been broadcasting Shiro’s memories to Clone Shiro. Clone Shiro has been asleep for a while until he’s ‘caught up’ on everything (which takes a while, hence the long hair), and wakes up on the Galra ship he was made in with all of Real Shiro’s memories, hence the “weird headache.” 


Meanwhile, the fight against Zarkon likely shorted out Real Shiro’s brain transplant, which means that the latest memory Clone Shiro has access to is the fight against him. Which explains why Clone Shiro doesn’t have memories from whatever Real Shiro’s off doing right now (again, I figure he’s probably going to run into the resistance and/or Matt). Clone Shiro thinks he just… ended up on a Galra ship somehow after the fight with Zarkon and that he has to get back to his team. So, he does. But something’s… slightly off about him. Black is able to recognize this and rejects him as a pilot.

Clone Shiro, for his part, doesn’t even seem to know he’s a clone. Because he hasn’t been fully “activated” yet. 


Because the new Stage 3 of Operation Kuron is probably to get him close to Voltron before destroying it from the inside.

August 04 2017

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Hamilton Text Posts

August 03 2017



why door is shut? stick paw under to solve mystery

paw under door did nothing. next option: sit in front of door and SCREAM


I think the most Gemini thing my dad has ever done is one year he threw himself a reverse surprise party for the sheer drama of it. What is a reverse surprise party? you may ask, well let me tell you. So he invites over all his friends and family and then in the middle of dinner he stands up and announces that it’s not a regular dinner, it is in fact, his birthday dinner (his exact words were “Surprise! …. it’s my Birthday”) cue everyone looking panicked, because oh god I don’t have a gift, I don’t even have a card, but my father, wine glass still in hand assures them not to worry and reveals a pile of presents he got for himself and wrapped for everyone to pick one and give it to him as their gift. And honestly? My father is such a legend.


I can’t believe some of things u people make me read with my own two eyes



stop bullying that white boy about the frog in his mouth he seems nice 

If he’s so nice why did he trap that frog

August 02 2017

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I made more oops?

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