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June 27 2017


we sucking our own clits tonight

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Self care is putting absurd amounts of parmesan cheese on your pasta



You wake in the night with your arm hanging over the side of your bed. It is still dark, and your bedroom is shrouded in deep shadow. Something unseen seizes your hand.

You grasp it tightly, knowing that first impressions are important and a firm, confident handshake will establish dominance.

A hollow voice echos under your bed, shaking you to your core, “You’re hired.”
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okay I’m back to drawing this week so have some more zircons

June 26 2017



friendly reminder that rick astley is actually a pretty horrible person lmao 

rick astley could be a fucking serial killer at this point and i wouldn’t have a goddamn clue because im physically and psychologically incapable of clicking any link that even slightly alludes to him at this point. rick astley just ran over 20 people you say? lmao not falling for that again don’t tell me to call 911 what do you take me for a fool

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June 20 2017

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if you are lucky enough to find a weirdo never let them go

June 19 2017

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anyone: the seven deadly sins? you know? from the bible?

me: oh yeah..

me, under my breath, twice: full metal alchemist 

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Jasper vs. Pearl!

Still trying to learn how to animate fights. Obvious artistic license in the end. 



Blowing a kiss to my fat gay girls! 😘Just in case you need it! You’re loved!


i have literal object permanence when it comes to my opinion on children. right now in the presnce of 0 children or 0 mentions of children i could not be more neutral. when im around a cool baby who like smiles at me or is bein funny & is maybe wearing a cute hat im like :))) “i want 30000 babies” but then if i hear one (1) singular child cry on a plane i think “Having children is a societal expectation thrust upon women by the patriarchy therefore i”




me: eh i’m not sure about this pirate game
hot lady pirate: *appears*
me, pulling a pirate hat out of my ass: Scissor Me Timbers

Its “shiver me timbers”…. 😒😒😒

oh honey

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Inspiring words from Reggie Fils-Aime about the gaming industry (Nintendo Spotlight Presentation, 2017)


a single distant, but very loud, yeehaw

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team "my birthstone is already canon"

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